Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm working on the new Intel INS Header looks and feel which is going to be this look which can be seen today on Intel Advanced Vector Extensions versus the old look that will be there for another week or so found on the Intel Software Network home pages.. They byatch and complain about such little crap sometimes...

Here is the old look

Here is the new look from the ISN Take Five Videos page that I am working on right now (changes not in production for another week.)

But my team lead wants me to do this which IMHO is ruddy looking and not clean (see the overhang.) Hell I dont really see a frigging difference with a little bit of nonessential header graphic clipping..

I am going to keep saying the most under used developer term "No"... Yes if you try you can say it too... Developers unite in telling your project owners no at least once a day...


Kevin Pirkl

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