Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Microsoft Scans Rendered AJAX Pages

Not sure if this is from their search engine but a few days ago I noticed some traffic to our AJAX based common services framework functions.  These functions are case sensitive on the URL so they were triggering error messages in our event log.  The scanner was taking the URL and turning it all to lower case.  The only reason this was noticed was because our robots.txt file was not being delivered due to out recent server move and that is where they picked up scanning our AJAX/JavaScript

What is cool to note about this is that all our Common Services Framework (CSF) stuff is run within the page via JavaScript and after the page OnLoad() event fires! 

This is only a guess at best but who knows. The IP Address that the traffic as inbound from was and you can use the ARIN WHOIS Database Search to see that Microsoft owns that block so it is still an assumption at best.


It's quite cool to think though that the entire page render occurs and they can post page load capture the URL's for web indexing.

Very cool!

Kevin Pirkl

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