Saturday, June 7, 2008

Intel Hit With Subpoena - AMD gripe about agressive tactics

Intel Hit With Subpoena

I work for Intel but these opinions are my own and me speaking on my own behalf and not Intel's.

I for one can say that Intel is aggressive, via layoffs, head count reduction, yearly raise reduction, working their employees to the brink and cutting costs all the way across the board.

I can bitch about the fact that I've heard that the current hiring practices favors younger fresh out of college persons that show aptitude and understanding of technology as opposed to higher paid talents that come with 10-20+ years of experience.

I could complain that last week I worked 60-70 hours on support & my current web project the Visual Computing Developer Center Landing page (up and out the door in record time.)

Intel's has cut down on support overhead, laid off IT staff, cut travel budgets and cut about a ton of other items as well. I would not be alone in saying that Intel's much leaner and 100x faster on bringing about the "Change" bandwagon.

Intel teams have cut QA cycles out (software development) and relies even more on Open Source communities. Intel's developers wear every hat now instead of just one. Intel's teams are well formed and can typically do in seven days what used to take seven months in the old ways/days. So hell yeah they are getting down to business and working in the dirt and it is good.

What's great is good and what's great is also a pain in the ass for a typical Intel employee but that is what makes Intel an exciting place to work.

Let AMD bitch all they want but the fact is Intel's 100,000 (whatever) employees are working at an insane pace cutting down barriers at record rates and that's why we are doing such a damn good job of leading the cutting edge of technology. Who can say what AMD has done to compete with that?

Aggressive, sure but look at the world today and you will see an aggressive and almost hostile country called the USA with gas, travel, food, etc. costs soaring and people getting seriously pissed off at it all. I would say that Intel is a seriously pissed off company and making up for laziness of the past and paying what is owed to get back to where they should be and that there is nothing unfair about that.

IMHO Intel is doing a damn good job. Intel's technology innovations are making this world a better place. Give me my faster Internet, give me a faster computer and leave me the hell alone so I can write my code and play my games and socialize on the net in a way I see fit to do so. If I want AMD let them put out a good processor that specs out as my dream ticket of computing desire and hell I will buy it when the time comes.

Intel needs healthy competition and if no one is willing to rise to the challenge then people should not just stand back and bitch about Intel and toss lawsuits their way to try stall Intel because I doubt that it will work anyway.

Hell, looking at the future China and the Saudis will probably out pace Intel in the next ten years anyway.

Kevin Pirkl

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