Thursday, April 17, 2008

List of sites/pages modified by our team in a rapid fashion.

Here is a list of the pages that our team has modified over the last month and rolled out last Tuesday..

I know I have missed some but here is the quick list..

Intel(R) Software Network (ISN) WebSites List

Old CD Software Products

Advanced Vector Extensions

ISN Support

ISN Communities Landing Pages

ISN Communities Home Page A/B Testing

Open Source

Threading Challenge

Contest Platform





College Redfort

ISN Redfort,

ISN Forums

SDK Download


Cluster Ready




There are more, selah

Here are the main changes.. Hardcore jQuery driven headers

Superfish v1.4.1 (An enhanced Suckerfish-style menu plugin for jQuery.) powers the menus on these sites..
Login and Personalization are driven by jQuery AJAX calls via a shared PHP script that works the same under Windows and Linux.

When your not logged in your see this.
When you are logged in you see this

One cool thing about this is that the site is Windows based and Linux based and via a hardware Layer 7 load balancer from KEMP Technologies

This allows us to deliver the same PHP & ASP.Net services to both Windows and Linux allowing use to same domain origins service sharing. The Linux server delivers content for multiple domain names but share a common code base folders as virtual directories so a single change is automatically delivered everywhere.. The one drawback is that if you mess something up it will impact the entire site.

Common navigation and service options are shared into all sites

These icon bars invoke our common service framework which are a mixture of JavaScript, JSON Data Services and AJAX calls to the back end services running under .Net like this Email A Friend feature which is just one of many services offered up.

There's a ton more I could say and perhaps already have (See: Anatomy of a web page for more details and links to tools that make up these pages) but not enough time to say it all.

Most of the time I think I write and document this stuff so I have some kind of a history more for myself that for other persons.

Hope you find something of use in this.

Kevin Pirkl

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