Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Proper case is just capitalizing the first character of each proper name in a string.

Change "KEVIN PIRKL" to "Kevin Pirkl"

It was really bugging me seeing code from lots of people that did Proper Case of name. I would thing that you could use a Regular expression in C# to do it and after some poking around here's the code worked out.

It is not so bad when you get right down to it..

public static string GetUserName()


string usrname = "";

Intel.Utilities.UserData ud = new Intel.Utilities.UserData(true);

if ( ud.LoginId != "")

usrname = ud.FirstName + " " + ud.LastName;

MatchEvaluator myev = new MatchEvaluator(upperit);

usrname = Regex.Replace(usrname.ToLower(),"(^.?|\s.?)",myev);

return usrname;


private static string upperit(Match param)


return param.Value.ToUpper();


Here is an example of some code in JavaScript that does the same

Proper Case JavaScript Function on Code Project

// proper case function (JScript 5.5+)

function toProperCase(s)


return s.toLowerCase().replace(/^(.)|s(.)/g,

function($1) { return $1.toUpperCase(); });


Hope this helps

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