Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Move over Siri - Google Voice translates to text the darndest things

I have a Google Voice account that rings everywhere and it auto translates speech to text. Sometimes it's pretty funny what comes out.

This is what it page me with as the translation.

Hi anywhere in Iraq are you. It's like the almost 7 o'clock and. Right here during this guy chin denominator molesting in this God's is almost done. And and and you're not answering your phone. Where are you. If you do Yeah, okay Hope you're well. Bye, c.

What was said was something like this.  Here is the text if you don't want to play that MP3 link.

Honey, where the heck are you. Rick's here drinking Scotch and dinners on the table, what and the scotch is almost gone and and and your not answering your phone where are you. Yeah Ok, hope your on your way home, bye.


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