Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why the news media sucks and other things on my mind..

IMHO - US News media outlets suck (especially fox!)  Syria 60,000, Dafur 250,000, DRC 3-5 million and the list goes on.  World economies are in the toilet and teetering on the brink.  There are bigger issues in the world than gun control and whoever the hell honey boo boo is going to date.  Global social issues are much bigger than our media cares to address.

I wish our media coverage would be more global and let issues like gun control get sorted out like they should get sorted out.  Like a better background check system that includes mental health reports.  At risk straw buyers needs to understand what they are doing and face harsher punishments (huge fines and be made aware of that.)  I all for stopping private sales and making that only doable via FFL background checks.  I'm even good with a direct family clause for transfer being OK but if you disarm citizens do you think that criminals will actually follow the laws?  It's not working in Chicago..

The systems needs an attitude adjustment and only hard work and diligence is going to make a difference.  It all starts with you.

Be good, make a difference today even if you can only make a small difference.  Put your voice out there on a forum on news post.  Let you thinking be known.  Question authority!


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